About Us

The founders of Cielo Carbon Solutions come from over 50 years of property development experience. Through award-winning sister company Cielo Properties Inc., they have developed over 500 million dollars in multi-family, commercial, residential, and industrial developments across Canada.

Through our development experience, we have garnered an extensive understanding of the complex mechanical systems involved in such buildings. We also understand the challenge large buildings would face in going all-electric. Furthermore, we have a detailed understanding of the operating costs associated with such systems.

We recognize the strong push to go all-electric; however, we know this is not feasible in all cases. Many buildings will continue to rely on Natural Gas for its lower economic impact, easy availability, and reliability in heating and cooling large buildings throughout the year without disruption.

As the Canadian channel partner for CarbonQuest, we are dedicated to bringing this revolutionary carbon emission reduction technology to the Canadian market. The CarbonQuest technology will change the space for carbon emissions reduction and once deployed, will bring us closer to our 2030 emission goals and net-zero goals for 2050.

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Carbon Quest systems are already fully operational in New York City. The technology is patented, tested, and exceeding expectations.